IVehcs in-car media system

Requires: WinXP and MediaPlayer 10.
Recommended: DC-DSP filter, DIVX codec

This project is currently in Beta, so has no installer. Just unzip where you want it and run.
I wrote this to replace MediaCar which was no longer supported and didn't ever quite work the way I wanted it to.
After searching high and low (still am), I gave up and just wrote what I wanted.
The system uses DirectShow for rendering, making it somewhat different from the other in-car systems out there. If you can play it in MediaPlayer you should be able to play it using IVehcs.

Download 2006-04-17 IVehcs.zip

Todo: Mame(not far off at all), Digital CD Audio, Radio, TV, DVD, Camera, Fix volume retard on power events...
if you want anything else you'll need to send me an email, or maybe even money.