In-line Vic20 emulator in Denial Forums

Warning: This doesn't work in stinky Internet Explorer as usual.

To run Vic-20 basic programs or .prg links in Denial Forums in-line do the following:
  1. Drag this link to your bookmarks bar: Inline Vic20
  2. Click on the bookmark, and the code blocks and .prg links will gain new functionality.
    Code block example:

    10 print "{CLR}{GRN RVS ON}Hello world!{RVS OFF}"
    20 print "{BLU RVS ON}Inline emulation is go{RVS OFF}"

    .prg link example:
    Quikman.prg (this is the best conversion ever for the Vic20 by Robert Hurst)
Note 1: I havn't converted {escaped} codes yet.